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RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder)

RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder) is a free-flowing, water-dispersible powder obtained by spray-drying a polymer emulsion. It consists of polymer resins, fillers, and additives, which improve its dispersibility and enhance its performance in various applications.

Packing25KG each,custom packing available
DeliveryAround 7 days
Payment TermsT/T or L/C at sight

Product Details

Being China’s leading Redispersible Polymer Powder manufacturers, Midland Chemicals offers high-quality RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder). Our RDP is specially formulated using advanced technology and premium ingredients to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite Powder
Solid Content≥ 98%
Ash Content≤ 12%
Bulk Density450-550 kg/m³
Particle Size DistributionD50: 80-120 µm
Film PropertiesFlexible, water-resistant, and durable

Product Highlights

As a leading construction chemicals supplier in China, we manufacture our RDP using advanced methods to ensure reliable performance in various applications. Here are the key highlights of our RDP:

Excellent Redispersibility: Our RDP powder quickly and fully disperses in water, providing optimal consistency and ease of use in various applications.

Enhanced Adhesion: The polymer resins in our RDP ensure strong adhesion to different substrates, promoting better bonding and durability.

Improved Flexibility: Our RDP imparts flexibility to coatings and mortar formulations, allowing for better resistance to cracking and deformation.

Water Resistance: The water-resistant properties of our RDP help protect the applied coatings and ensure long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Workability: Our RDP chemical improves the workability of cementitious materials, making them easier to mix, spread, and finish.

Main Applications & Advantages


  • Tile adhesives
  • Exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS)
  • Skim coats and repair mortars
  • Self-leveling compounds
  • Cementitious waterproofing membranes
  • Wall putties


  • Enhances adhesion
  • Improves flexibility
  • Water-resistant properties
  • Facilitates workability
  • Provides durability and long-lasting performance
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