Elevate Your Surfaces with Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose for Plaster and Renders from Midland Chemicals!


Discover a new level of surface finishing excellence with Midland Chemicals’ Plasters and Renders infused with HPMC. Our product is meticulously crafted from Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose for plastering to redefine surface perfection, enhancing workability, bolstering tensile strength, and ensuring precise, controlled curing.

Using HPMC for plasters and renders tends to deliver a resilient, aesthetically pleasing surface that endures the test of time, irrespective of whether you’re transforming interior walls or rejuvenating exterior facades.

Notable Features

Why Choose Plasters and Renders from Midland Chemicals?

Experience the Midland Chemicals difference with our plasters and renders formulated with superior HPMC. Our product offers enhanced workability, controlled curing, and versatile application, ensuring superior results for every project.

As a leading chemicals manufacturing company in China, Midland Chemicals is committed to delivering excellence and standing out for all the right reasons. Contact us today!


HPMC binds with our Plasters and Renders as a stabilizing agent to enhance workability, minimizing sagging and elevating tensile strength to new heights. This results in a flawlessly smooth and exceptionally durable finish that exceeds expectations.

Absolutely! Midland Chemicals' Plasters and Renders are engineered for versatility, making them great for both interior and exterior applications.

Not at all! Our Plasters and Renders serve as the perfect canvas for various paint finishes, ensuring seamless integration and a unified aesthetic across your surfaces.

Our Plasters and Renders can be effortlessly mixed and applied using standard procedures. With detailed instructions provided in the product manual, achieving optimal results has never been easier.

Yes, our Plasters and Renders have unmatched versatility, allowing them to be applied seamlessly on a variety of textured surfaces. Whether you're working with rough brickwork or smooth plasterboard, Midland Chemicals can deliver a uniform, impeccable finish.

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