Fortify Your Project With The Best Joint Compound Powder from Midland Chemicals!


No construction or renovation project is complete without a quality joint compound powder that adds adhesive strength to keep the property stable. Midland Chemicals is home to the best construction materials sourced directly from China.

Our powder contains hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose for joint filling, which can also be used as the finishing compound. Such materials are used to give a seamless finish to your construction projects and can be used to repair minor damages.

Using HPMC powder for a joint compound allows you to ensure longevity in your project. It requires next to no maintenance while also performing all the functionality of a seamless adhesive for years to come.

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Why Choose Midland Chemicals for all your Joint Compound Needs?

When it comes to fortifying your construction or renovation project, trust Midland Chemicals for the best joint compound powder sourced directly from China. Our hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose (HPMC) formulation offers unparalleled adhesive strength, minimal shrinkage, and precise joint-filling capabilities.

Whether you’re patching minor damages or aiming for a seamless finish, our joint compound is a reliable choice. Elevate your project’s stability and longevity with Midland Chemicals, one of the best construction chemical suppliers in China.


Hydroxypropyl methyl-cellulose contains multiple carbon-carbon covalent bonds that improve the adhesion capability and optimum consistency in the joint compound. In addition, these bonds also allow the compound to give a more durable finish with minimum shrinkage.

Yes, the HPMC joint compound powder from Midland Chemicals can be used on both exterior and interior joints.

Of course! Our joint compound gives a seamless finish on all types of paints.

No, the Midland Chemicals joint compound can be easily mixed and applied through standard procedures. In case you are unsure how to execute this, you can always follow the product manual for optimum results.

Yes, the HPMC joint compound is compatible with all types of surfaces, including textured. You can manipulate the surface of the joint compound with a brush or other tools for a seamless finish to match the rest of the surface.

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