HEC (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

With good water retention, thickening, suspension properties, MelaColl™ HEC offers functional properties and enhance product performancein emulsion-based building materials.

Packing 25KG each,custom packing available
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Product Details

Product Description

MelaColl™ Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is a nonionic, water-soluble polymer. It consists of two components: cellulose and hydroxyethyl side chain.

The manufacturing process is as follows:
1. Purify the cellulose.
2. Mix it with sodium hydroxide to form swollen alkaline cellulose.
3. Then react it with ethylene oxide.

MelaColl™ HEC has many properties. Like water retention, thickening, suspension, anti-microbial, high salt tolerance, and ion/PH insensitivity. It is suitable for latex paint, oil drilling, adhesives, and personal care…

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We rely on years of project experience, and record. Choose different HEC cellulose types according to different projects to solve problems for you.


Excellent anti-splash & Good suspension & Long open time


Excellent suspension & High viscosity & Long open time

Melacoll™ HEC Highlights

  1. Cold-water solubility. HEC dissolves easily in cold water, reducing your waiting time.
  2. HEC increases viscosity and stability of liquids.
  3. Water retention. Extending the open time also helps cement hydration more fully.
  4. Improves workability and processing of cement.
  5. PH stability. HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose remains stable in the range of pH 3~11.
  6. Non-ionic. It is more stable in an aqueous solution.
  7. Thermal gelation. HEC turns into a gel when the temperature is too high, and when cools down, it turns into the liquid again.

Main Applications & Advantages

Latex Paint

1. HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose has remarkable thickening effect, keep the paint stable.
2. Longer open time.
3. Prevent precipitation and stratification during coating storage.

Oil drilling

1. Stable chemical properties. HEC’s thickener and viscosity are not affected by the environment.
2. Improve the mud carrying capacity.
3. Melacoll HEC helps to stabilize the production capacity of the oil layer.
4. Improve fluid loss performance.
    1. Reduce the water loss of the rock layer.
    2. Slow down the hydration speed of the wall.
    3. Strengthen the rock structure and prevent collapsing.

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